Evocative durian, mystifying durian

I HAVE always wanted to illustrate something on the “king of fruit” but never found the right mood or opportunity to do so. In early 2022, a chance discovery that a former colleague

Scions of Bacchus

PLACES that serve alcohol are a paradise for discovery – of people’s character, their secrets and fantasies. They are the regular haunts of boasters, fun seekers, sorrow drowners, even journalists and spies and


IN THIS SERIES, I assemble seemingly unconnected but related shapes in two or three visual perspectives so that they can be seen differently if you focus on each part. Exhibited at Restart 2020:

Colours again, in the analog-digital realm

WHEN I WENT “back to black” (B2B), it was never my intention to abandon colour; it was an “active” pause to re-evaluate where I was headed. And then to move on quickly. I

Fear and hope in Covid times

FEAR & HOPE was an unplanned piece, at least in its details and the emotive developments around it. I had been dissatisfied with “Yikes” in the Adventures with Acrylics series. However, knowing its potential,