Portraits for Ts: A project dating back to 1988

DURING the late 1980s I got involved in a business retailing mainly household and personal care goods at very reasonable prices. Just before its launch in 1988, we were short of products so

First encounter with DALL*E

IT WAS a few days before Chinese New Year. My son had come up from Singapore with his family for the reunion and celebration. During one of our conversations he asked me if

Modes of communication over time: Some notes

THERE is a constant tug-of-war in me between being rational and theoretical vis-a-vis art. I can rationalise what I do but to theorise is taking things too far – that would not probably result

Buttressing the mind of the photographer

Five photography stalwarts to discuss approaches to photojournalism, aerial, landscape and abstract photography, and darkroom printing OUR KNOWLEDGE of photography has become shallower even as the tools of the trade — smartphones, digital cameras