About the author

Lim Siang Jin, 69, is a self-taught artist who has been painting since the mid-1970s. Until recently, all his works were shown only to family and a few close friends. In 2018, he began to distribute them to a wider audience — via four limited-circulation PDFs that included writings on matters close to his heart. In tandem with this, he began to post his pieces on social media. From 2018-2020, he continued to put together his older works, resulting in four more sets of PDFs.

Siang Jin has had three excursions into art -- years at university in Britain as a student and The Malay Mail as a sub-editor (1973-1982); time he spent at the Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia as Head of Publications (1985-1991); and during the recent Covid lockdown and a bit after (2020-2022). There was a gap of 30 years (1989-2020) when he hardly produced anything new.

During much of the three decades, he was deeply involved in work, mainly in publishing, communications and, branding and marketing. He was, for example, a founder director of The Edge. He went on to head the media business of Nexnews Bhd that owned the business weekly and theSun. In all these endeavours, he continued to take an active interest in the “backroom”, in the production and creative processes of the business. Like his art, his work, from publishing to management, is girded by the ideas of Quality, Timing and Aufhebung (the idea that every new development is an inextricable combination of the old and new).

Date of post: October 2022