Modes of communication over time: Some notes

THERE is a constant tug-of-war in me between being rational and theoretical vis-a-vis art. I can rationalise what I do but to theorise is taking things too far – that would not probably result

Buttressing the mind of the photographer

Five photography stalwarts to discuss approaches to photojournalism, aerial, landscape and abstract photography, and darkroom printing OUR KNOWLEDGE of photography has become shallower even as the tools of the trade — smartphones, digital cameras

Back to black

IN MY “Fear and Hope in Covid Times”, when I was sliding towards negativity again, I felt a desperate need to check myself. Two ways of breaking a trend, I thought, was to

Evocative durian, mystifying durian

I HAVE always wanted to illustrate something on the “king of fruit” but never found the right mood or opportunity to do so. In early 2022, a chance discovery that a former colleague