Fear and hope in Covid times

FEAR & HOPE was an unplanned piece, at least in its details and the emotive developments around it. I had been dissatisfied with “Yikes” in the Adventures with Acrylics series. However, knowing its potential,

Adventures with acrylics

TOWARDS THE END of 2020, I felt relieved that I could paint again. It freed me from the boredom of the lockdowns and I regained a much-needed sense of achievement and confidence. Based


THE YEARS 1989-91 were another watershed period for my art endeavours. Work at the Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia had picked up a bit and I had been thinking about

Excerpts from a doodle

IN 1988, I doodled on a piece of tracing paper with a 0.1 Rotring pen. A4 in size and called “Expressions”, I liked it very much, however, I did not pursue the

Exaggerated stills

MOST OF US experience the mundane everyday. This is quite fine, actually. Necessary, in fact. Everyday things anchor us to reality and allow life to function “normally”. Art, however, cannot be ordinary. Much