Fear and hope in Covid times

Fear and hope in Covid times

FEAR & HOPE was an unplanned piece, at least in its details and the emotive developments around it. I had been dissatisfied with “Yikes” in the Adventures with Acrylics series. However, knowing its potential, especially with more sophisticated treatment, I decided to repaint it as a much larger piece on canvas. When it was completed I felt both pleased and horrified.

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Terror’s in the air * Can’t see it * Yikes! * Don’t want to

Waves of fear * Bewilder * Invade * Engulf * Entrap

Still there are shelters * Caverns of warmth * Graced souls in others

Moving * Transporting * Lifting

And bitsy treasures * Clear to searching, hopeful minds 

The songbird * The fish * The growling beast 

Fruit of nature * Roots of times to come

The flourishes beneath * And bounties * Of human deeds

It contained elements of the contradictory emotions I had felt throughout the pandemic. There was great fear; there were, at the same time, feelings of being challenged, of being able to achieve things despite the negativity that surrounded us. Of hope.

Fear and Hope in Covid Times, July 2021 acrylic on canvas 25.5in H x 33.5in W

At that time in July 2021, the worst of the pandemic had been over for many of us. We were already vaccinated twice. But the Delta variant which devastated India was still the prevalent strain. It was still causing havoc in various countries notably the US which, despite its wealth of experience and resources, could not get a handle on the disease.

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With this piece, however, I felt I was going down the slippery slope towards negativity again. I did not want to go there, let alone dwell there. I quickly wrote a few verses and extracted the parts that they accompanied — fear, hope, and all. After that I decided to rethink the direction of my art.

Lim Siang Jin

Lim Siang Jin